During the Covid-19 pandemic I started to sew face masks using fabric from long-ago projects. The black fabric was left over after I sewed a Dracula cape for my son when he was eight. He's forty now.

Along with sewing masks, I was working on a series of monotypes inspired by seeing millions of Caper White Butterflies on a recent trip to East Africa. I'd also been working on an installation called "Metamorphosis" using recycled art to make hundreds of butterflies that would be suspended with a wall-hung backdrop of glow monotypes. I painted the top of the butterflies black to represent their possible extinction.

My daughter suggested I print butterfly images on the masks. Butterflies represent hope and rebirth. My hope was that, like butterflies transforming in their chrysalides, we would be protected by our masks so we could safely emerge and fly free once the pandemic ended.

I distributed the masks to those who needed them in memory of my mother whose old Singer sewing machine I was using.

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